Employee Policy Program

Employee Policies Program

Employee Policies Program

The laws governing the employer/employee relationship have multiplied dramatically over the past few years. Litigation is becoming a popular way for employees to seek retribution for their employers' unclear policies. Usually, litigation results from a misunderstanding or non-communication with employees.

Today, virtually every aspect of the employer/employee relationship is covered by law. Many laws are confusing or even unknown to small employers. As a result, employee handbooks, when they are done right, are an employer's most important first step in establishing a productive and stable employee relationship.

The MedSafe Employee Policies Program helps organizations develop their employee handbook, implement policies with appropriate training and education, and communicate the necessary information to employees. An individualized, site-specific Employee Handbook will help your facility be in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. MedSafe does the research and the writing, stays current on new laws and regulations, and revises the handbook if your policies change. It's a complete program.

A MedSafe developed Employee Handbook provides an opportunity for employees to be clearly advised of employer positions. It is also the employer's most important defense in employee litigation. In these times of rapid change and increasing workplace stresses, it is important to keep your employer/employee relationships supportive and consistent. The MedSafe Employee Policies Program will help you maintain a productive working environment.

Are you clear on what's required?

Essential policy points

Equal access

Confidentiality of records

Performance reviews

Safety training requirements

Do you have a clear written policy on each of these important employment issues?

  • Computing pay and paycheck deductions
  • Safety training requirements
  • Sexual and other employment-related harassment
  • Confidentiality of records
  • Equal access
  • Electronic media and the private use of computers
  • Performance reviews
  • Military, jury duty, maternity, family and medical, and other personal leave
  • Professional conduct

Workplace Violence Program

The MedSafe Workplace Violence Program is a thorough evaluation and risk assessment of your facility, with a formal Report of Recommendations designed to protect employees, patients and visitors. It includes guidelines for development of a site-specific workplace violence prevention program, and complete staff training on warning signs, hiring process, hostage and barricade response, external relations and stress debriefing.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Tile III - Awareness Program

Under the law, public facilities, including healthcare facilities, are required to provide equal access for all people, including those with disabilities. Most healthcare practices are familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) but are unsure of compliance requirements. Misunderstanding the law can lead to lawsuits, public embarrassment, or significant expenses for unnecessary renovations or repairs. Our evaluation will include an on-site assessment of the entire facility - inside and out, including review of the location's current level of compliance and identification of the areas of the facility that fall under the law. We will provide specific recommendations to assist you to develop policy and a Plan of Action that will serve as your good faith compliance program. Staff training, either onsite or online, is also available.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) - Controlled Substances Program

Under authority of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the DEA sets forth guidelines and procedures that every healthcare facility must follow, including facility registration, proper record-keeping and appropriate security of controlled substances. The MedSafe Controlled Substances Program is designed to assist you in complying with federal regulatory requirements for the storage, handling, and documentation of controlled substances. Referencing specific regulations and guidelines, MedSafe will evaluate your site, practices, and policies and provide specific policies, tools and training for the management of controlled substances.