Compliance Hotline

Medsafe Compliance Hotline

Confidential Compliance Call Center

MedSafe can provide your practice with a Phone Hotline Center which is a dedicated phone extension for all employees to use for any compliance related issue that they may feel is or has been taking place. This Phone line will be monitored daily, and phone calls will be returned within a 24 hour time frame. The message center will be checked once a day and will send an automatic e-mail alert to our call center operator. Any messages will be reported to your designated compliance office and a quarterly report will be furnished to that designated employee. Additionally, MedSafe will provide a Hotline Poster to be posted at your facility. This phone line is confidential and is not for Medical Emergency or Human Resource issues. 

Breach Response Dash Board:

MedSafe will provide a Breach Incident Management System that makes it easy to prepare, assess, manage, and report data loss events. This dashboard is always up to date with the most current regulations thanks to staff and technology with the knowledge base of state, federal and industry regulations.

OIG/CMS Exclusion checks and balances

Based on the Office of Inspector General and Medicare exclusion list of contracted providers, employees and vendors of MedSafe's clients will match the list provided by your organization to the on-line exclusion by the OIG and CMS. This will be conducted semi annually (every 6 months). MedSafe will additionally provide a time stamped report matching up your list with the OIG/CMS including personnel and vendors. The client will be responsible for any disciplinary actions.