About us

Our Mission

Our goal is to see your organization develop the compassion and sensitivity required to value each member of your team. At MedSafe we understand that the worth of each individual is immeasurable. We know people do their best work when they feel valued and respected, as a result we strive to train management and employees on how to foster an environment of tolerance and acceptance.

We appreciate everyone who joins us in the effort to make the healthcare industry more accommodating and rewarding. MedSafe's commitment to quality care starts with the well-being of the practitioners and staff of the many medical facilities with which we associate. Thank you for being part of the solution.

Who We Are

MedSafe is the nation's leading one-stop resource for outsourced safety and health compliance solutions in healthcare. Whether you need periodic specialized assistance to augment your in-house capabilities or turnkey management programs, MedSafe can help. 

The MedSafe mandate is to make meeting compliance regulations easier and more efficient for our clients. We know a great many office-based practitioners have invested much money in "rebuilding the wheel" of their compliance programs, only to find that they had a "one of a kind" program that walked out the door when their staff turned over.  

With years of experience in building quality management programs for thousands of organizations, we have seen it all. We know what "best practices" are and we are constantly improving our programs by what we have most recently learned. If your key staff leave, we can instantly have you back on track because our systems and training are consistent and readily reproducible. 

Unlike most consultants, MedSafe takes a hands-on approach to providing accreditation and compliance assistance. From on-site assessment, and the development of written policies and procedures, to online implementation through management tools, web-based education (with continuing education credit where applicable) and ongoing training, we do it for you!